Appartement huren in Rotterdam Nobelstraat


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Fully Furnished Room’s in Rotterdam North.
Please subscribe first. Registration is free.
Monday 15 th July 2019 you can come and view the rooms at 17:00 o’clock.
There are 5 rooms available in 3 different layers of the building.
Room 1 is at the ground floor: 600 all incl (Gas/Water/Light)
Room 2 is at the 1 st floor: 600 all incl (Gas/Water/Light)
Room 3:is at the second floor: 500 all incl. incl (Gas/Water/Light)
Room 4: is at the second floor:450 incl (Gas/Water/Light)
Room 5: is at the second floor:550 incl (Gas/Water/Light)

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